Today , Wednesday 21 March 2018
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About institute
 Higher Education Institute (DHEI)

DHEI is a non governmental, non profited institute and certificated by Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. This institute is one of the newest generations of universities in Iran founded on 2005. With regard to its scientific and educational activities for a decade, and its high quality of educational services, DHEI now has more than 3500 students in the following majors:
Its efforts in research activities and education have been based on the principles of humanistic education, the creation of culture, and peace-building as ultimate axioms. They are considered as the key to solve difficult problems in contemporary society.
In twentieth century, competition among states should not be militaristic or economics, but humanitarian and for this we need capable people who can contribute to human society by sustained construction to the greatest possible degree.
DHEI has made sustained endeavors to foster capable students. In doing so, it has focused on educating human beings of lofty character and great spirituality, students who can blossom, to build a peaceful global society. In order to contribute to the great development of higher education in the present century, DHEI places special emphasis on student-centered education and exchanges.