Today , Tuesday 20 March 2018
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 Mechanical Engineering
* M.Sc :Welding Engineering
* M.Sc :Energy conversion

* B.Sc :Mechanical Engineering
* B.Sc : Production and Manufacturing Engineering
* B.Sc : Metallurgy Engineering

*A.D. :Welding , Drafting

Department of Mechanical Engineering:
Mechanical Engineering is one of oldest, broadest, and best-established of the engineering disciplines. Simultaneously, the discipline is also constantly changing and evolving in response to new scientific discoveries and societal needs.
Portions of our undergraduate curriculum are based on science and technologies developed in the late 19th to mid- 20th centuries. This includes courses devoted to statics, strength of materials, heat transfer, fluids, thermodynamics, dynamics, and traditional metal-working processes. Referred to as "engineering fundamentals," these core courses provide the basic understanding and tools necessary to function as a mechanical engineer.
 ME graduates currently lead large national or international engineering firms, have started their own companies, or have used their preliminary training in mechanical engineering as a springboard to careers in other areas such as business or medicine.